Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Then Sings My Soul: Booksneeze review

I wrote the review for "The Final Summit" yesterday and soon after, the doorbell rang. I asked "who is it" and when a man's voice said "Postar" (postman) I thought it was someone joking with me: as our postman usually comes at the crack of dawn. So I shouted out "ma daj!" (come on!). So, of course, I was very embarressed when I opened the door and it was the postman!! But I was very excited when I saw that he this book for me... especially as the first one that booksneeze sent last year went astray.

150 hymns are represented in this book, each with the music and words, and then the story of how each was written. It is presented in a special paperback with "parchment" pages: it is so beautiful, you almost don't want to read it! It is perfect as a present for any Christian musician or even pastor: as besides being beautiful, it is a very useful resource for musicians and also for sermon writing.

I started reading it last night, thinking that I would just read one or two of the stories, but they are so interesting, that I got almost half-way through the book... and I am looking forward to reading the rest. I also look forward to re-reading it more slowly and being reminded of the heritage of Christian worship music that is ours.

I received this book for free from booksneeze to review. This opinion is all mine!


RichardL said...

Sounds like a great book! But what's it called?

Belinda Chaplin said...

Sorry...The title is in the post title "Then Sings my Soul" and the photo is of the book (with title in front!). It is by Robert Morgan.
You would really like it!!!

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