Friday, May 13, 2011

Library... with the Orphanage Book Club

The Book Club children get their books at Banja Luka's Children's Library. The library is fantastic and is a great resource for children in this city. The children go every second week to get their books and every other week we have the book club at the orphanage to talk about those books, which they were supposed to have read...

I realised that the children weren't really choosing books that were appropriate (too hard or too easy) and so I asked if I would be able to come with them to the library to see how it works. I then decided to also become a member of the library so that I could check out some books and be able to recommend them to the children. I have discovered that they have some up-to-date books that are translated into the local language which are really enjoyable... The boys have started reading one set of books, and they now can't wait to get another one! (before it was like pulling teeth to get them to read anything! So yay!)

This morning I remembered to take my camera with me so you can see what a trip to the library is all about...Here is Vesna, one of the librarians, checking out books for Brane and Simo:  (on another note, we are using the same system that they have here for our library at Ihtus! My colleagues came and found out how they do it...)
The choosing of the books usually takes place very quickly...
Bozana choosing herself a book
Darja and Dragana choosing a picture book each
As the major feature of the library trips is the internet! The older kids either take turns or share:
Brane and Cvijan
Dijana and Bozana

While the little ones watch cartoons:
And we older people get to hang out and have coffee with the great librarians! (sorry-forgot to get a picture of that!)

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