Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Just Do It! Booksneeze Review: The Final Summit

Having not read the first book "The Traveler's Gift", I didn't really know what to expect in this sequel. The author, Andy Andrews, does go through the principles that the traveler, David Ponder, learnt in the first book, so it was easy to read this book without reading the first part.

I must admit, however, that I was a little disappointed. It is a good, motivational book, with a great message - one which I will be using - but it reminded me of Nike's campaign "Just Do It". The whole premise and outline with many famous brains of the past coming together to figure out the one thing that will save mankind was just a bit much for me: it doesn't fit in with the God that I know, and the Bible that I read. Maybe I missed the point, but for me it just didn't hit home.

The message itself is fantastic: restore hope, seek wisdom, have courage, exert self-discipline but most importantly: "Do something": don't just wait and wait and wait and wait a minute: where is patience? Where is seeking God? Where is waiting on the Lord? I understand that we do need to be proactive and do something, but for that to be the one thing that God is wanting us to do to save mankind? I am not so sure. 

So, go into the book with eyes wide open, realising that Andy Andrews is a great motivational speaker, who will help you get off your butt and do something: but remember that that doing something may well be prayer, seeking the Lord, and not doing anything for now!!!

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