Saturday, May 28, 2011

International Cultural Evening in Ihtus

There is a YWAM team from Constanta, Romania here at the moment. To use the fact that they are from 6 different nations (Romania, USA, England, Germany, Hong Kong and Slovakia) we decided to have an International Cultural night at EKC Ihtus. Here I am introducing the team:
We were treated to poetry and songs from each of the countries. Here is Andrew singing Michael Finnegan (which I suspect is actually Irish, but as he grew up singing it in England he sang it for us)
And as you can see, we really enjoyed it!

After a few songs, poems and explanations about varying aspects of the different cultures, we had a quiz: Here is Hazel with a question about Hong Kong: See if you can guess it :-)
This is a photo of the team who came in second, but I don't have a pic of the winning team... sorry... Drazen, Sofija, Suzana and Sandra: Their prizes were two Romanian flags!
After the quiz we were treated to more cultural facts and a song from the Romanians:
As well as a dance:
 Which the people were eager to learn how to do:
And then it was time to show them one of the local dances: Uzicko Kolo
And after all that dancing we certainly deserved the food from all over: (Tanja, Milica, Milana, Drazen, Ljilja, Sofia and Adi):
It was a fantastic evening... and we had a great time hanging out with the team until late! (and the answer to the quiz question is B - don't worry we didn't get it right either!)

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