Saturday, April 30, 2011

Last Advanced English Class

After 6 weeks, we ended this round of classes last night. In honour of the end of the class and the Royal Wedding, I made my late Gran's special "peppermint crisp pudding" (I have to import some of the ingredients, so this is only for very special occasions!). It was a nice way to end off the classes until we have the next set in the autumn.

There were 12 people who finished the course and received Certificates. It was quite a mixed group - ranging from high school scholars and students to married mothers and one policeman!
Here we are: Back row: Alen, Boris, Alen, Miroslav, me and Eliska; Middle: Una and Sofija; Front: Tanja, Tanja, Suzanna, Svjetlana, Drazen and Sandra
We had a great time in the classes: learning a lot of new words and some grammar, but mostly just having a chance to talk English and practice that which they already knew. I think everyone really enjoyed the classes... especially me!

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