Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter at the Orphanage...part two: egg painting!

After our trip to the Orphanage on Monday (see here) we organised to come back and help them with the egg-painting for Easter. We brought paint and brushes and the home organised the cooking of the eggs, so all of the eggs were hard boiled by the time we got there... luckily! With 7 of us and lots of the home's employees, we had a great morning painting eggs with about 30 of the younger kids... and enjoyed the start of the Easter Holiday with them:
Here is Simo showing how it is done: lots of concentration!
And here is Luka trying to get Dasha to "lupati" (knock/hit) his egg to see whose is stronger: and Dasha just ignoring him and carrying on... go Dasha!
Stefan with his namesake little Stefan: 
Who says the volunteers can't get creative too? Here is Tanja showing us how it is done:
Bojana decided to paint her egg like Suzana's nails: love it!
And this is possibly my favourite photo: Jovana with little Dragana:
And I even got some photos of me with the kids. I usually don't remember to take photos of myself, so enjoy proof that I was actually there...
Here I am with Bozana:
And with Dragana: she is showing her egg in the "basket" which we coloured on Monday: each of the children got theirs back today to put their egg in:
Here is the "Vrtic" group (pre-school) with their eggs:
And little Vaso showing all of their eggs: I can just eat him up!
Some of the older kids were also working on dyeing the eggs (red) while we painted and so here is all of the eggs that survived (being eaten or beaten!):
And while we were painting the eggs,  a TV production crew from one of Banja Luka's local stations came to do a report on another donation which was given to the Home for Easter. When they saw the egg painting they took some shots of us, and then the Home's Director suggested that I should also give them an interview...aaargh... My first sentence was "I am a foreigner" so they wouldn't think that I was retarded...but even without preparation, I think I did ok...

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