Friday, March 25, 2011

Reading Club - Klub Citalaca

We went last night to start up the Club at the Children's Home after an almost two month break. The volunteers went a couple of times while I have been gone, but then the Children's Home didn't want outsiders coming in during the flu season for fear of the kids getting swine flu. It was so great to see the kids again and they were all so happy to see us as well. We had a great group - 10 kids and 9 volunteers: so almost one-on-one attention for each child, which is something they crave. Before having a chance to share about the book that they read, each of the children must fill out a form showing what book they read and telling us a little bit about it. Here are the volunteers helping them do that:
Tanja with big Dragana

Jovana with little Dragana

Another Jovana with Jelena, Eliska with Brane
Sofija with Danijela

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