Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Family comes to town...

As I mentioned in my last post, Ljilja's sister, Sladja, has been staying with us this last week while their aunt was in hospital for some tests (and everything is ok except for her thyroid, which is showing the signs of the same condition that I have -Hashimoto's thyroiditus). As the aunt was supposed to get out today, their uncle came back yesterday to sleep over and then take her back today. He brought his middle daughter (they have three), Saska, who is 3 1/2 and as cute as a button. Here is a great photo of the three "sisters" (here in Banja Luka they call cousins "sisters" as well):
Sladja, Ljilja and Saska
And here is Saska pretending to sleep with our "promiscuous" bear (he sleeps with all our guests, so someone once said that makes him "promiscuous"! So that is now his name...This is actually model number two as the other one got shrunk in the wash...):
The uncle also brought his nephew, Marko (ie another cousin), and so the three of them were sleeping in the above bed last night. Saska has a cough and in the middle of the night she coughed so much that she threw up. The resulting ruckus even woke up my landlady upstairs, but I managed to sleep through it all!! (I also managed to sleep through the 3.6 earthquake that woke up all the rest of Banja Luka last week!).

Here is the happy family at Ihtus after the aunt got out of the hospital this afternoon:
Behind: Sladja and Rada, in front:  Marko, Ljilja and Miroslav
Rada didn't get out early enough for them to make the 6 hour trip back to Bileci (which is near Trebinje where Ljilja is from), so Marko and Sladja are with us for one more night and Miroslav, Rada and little Saska will be staying with friends. It has been fun having the family, especially Sladjana, around and it will be very strange when they leave!

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