Saturday, March 19, 2011

British Night at EKC Ihtus

A group of 5 young people came from England and Wales to visit us in Banja Luka. While they were here, they helped us put on a "British Evening" at the Educational/Cultural Centre "Ihtus". Here I am introducing the team:
Jon, Jess, Nat, Jonny, Ester and myself
The evening was kicked off with a "Pub quiz" about Great Britain:  Here are the different groups writing down their answers:

And the team that won were the "Chubby Bunnies":

Suzana, Jovana, Sandra and Damjan
The quiz was followed by scrumptious eats which we had spent most of the day making :-) Beside the below sausage rolls and cheese and pineapple sticks, they also had scones with jam and cream, and trifle! Everyone was also treated to a cup of tea with milk (very unusual here!)
And to end off, Ester sang us some lovely songs:
It was great to have the team, and the evening was a great success!

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Anonymous said...

Oh such memories of International Nights in the UK with OM. It appears to have been a hit. Hope the visiting team caught a vision for Bosnia.

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