Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ihtus opened!

As I couldn't be there, here is what my colleague from the Czech Republic, David, has to say about the opening:

"The Educational Cultural Centre 'Ihtus' was opened in Banja Luka  on Saturday night. About 50 people including us workers attended the opening ceremony and the introduction concert of a local rock band "Važno obavještenje"=Important Notice. The Centre will serve as an atypical café with a library and place to study. We will hold seminars, English classes, movie nights, etc. in here."

"When I was introducing the band I said "welcome guys" and I completely forgot the female member of the group, a small embarrassment:) The other picture shows Neven, Jakub from Brno (visiting for one week) and Irena [who is David's fiance!]."

-taken from David's blog, thanks David!!
Pictures from the opening: 

Ljilja translating for Rami at the opening

And of the club:

Outside view

Inside view of one of the rooms
Even though I missed all of the really hard work, and am grateful to a wonderful team who pulled this all together, I do look forward to getting back and hosting teams, teaching English and doing Business Training at the Centre, amongst other things...

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Shilo said...

That's so exciting, Bee! It will be fun to see it in person! Was great to see the pics of the Bosnian night too. Blessings, friend!

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