Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bosnian Evening 2011

Starting with food, fun, fellowship and followed by a quiz and dancing, this year's Bosnian evening was a great success. I got a LOT of help, as usual, and I love that it is something that people can all enjoy by helping out as well! 
Me with the boys!
My mom (right) with some of her cell group

Getting friendly at the tables
Enjoying the food!

The food this year was "Krompirusa" (Potato Pie): below centre, "Carska slana pita" (Emperor's savoury pie): below right, and "Svekrve Oci" (Mother-in-law's eyes): below left. The Mother-in-law's eyes are a dessert made with figs and walnuts and it is delicious despite the name!
The Quiz this year was a "Pub Quiz" format with teams of 5 competing to answer 10 questions correctly. Thanks to Nils for doing the "Quizmastering"!! The questions were about me and my ministry and Bosnia and Banja Luka. The winning team included many in my prayer-team, so it would have been embarrassing if they had lost. Although my mom's team was a close run 2nd!
Me with the winning team (and baby Talyah in the background!)
After the fun and frivolity (I am going with the "f" theme on this blog it seems) we had a time of prayer in groups:

And then it was time for the DANCING:
The brave giving it a go!
Before cleaning up and heading home...
A great big thank-you to Keren - pictured above with her husband Nils (centre) and Andre - who did the kitchen for me and a whole lot more besides... and thank-you to everyone else who helped with everything: you know who you are!!

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