Friday, December 03, 2010

Klub Citalaca - Reading Club

Here is a really goofy pic from last night. I so enjoy these kids and the volunteers who come along to help us with the club:
Over the weeks that we have been running the club, besides going over the books they have read and reading a bit to them, we have been doing little activities each time in order to make this poster:
It is trying to get other kids to come along and read with us. It says things like "I love reading books and fairy-tales", "A book-my best friend", "when I am angry, a book is my best friend" and "let's read". Also some of their favourite books are on there "Snow white and the 7 dwarfs" and "Alibaba" among them. We also gave out some prizes last night (each time they read 5 books, they get a prize!) and that may be an even bigger incentive... but whatever way we do it, we are trying to get the kids at the Children's Home to fall in love with reading and make it a lifelong habit!

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