Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Goodie burger - Bosnian style

In South Africa, there is a chain of restaurants called the "Spur" and I grew up going there with my family. I also worked there for a while when I was at University. They have one burger there called the "Goodie Burger" with cheese, pineapple and mushroom sauce: below right:

After Alpha last night, some of the leftovers came home with us, and I realised this morning that I somehow coincidentally had all the makings of a Bosnian version of the Goodie burger... Ever one to grab a chance to record my strange cross-cultural exploits for you, my reading public, I now present to you the Bosnian Goodie Burger:

Instead of the bun we have the "lepina":
The burger has been replaced by "cevapi" (granted they do have burgers here, so I could have used one of those, but beggars can't be choosers...):
Then cheese slices (this is not a "healthy Burger", but a "Goodie"!):
And pineapple: this is unusual for me to have in the house as it is quite expensive here, but it was on special and I grabbed it!!
Then some homemade mushroom sauce (I had the mushrooms leftover from another recipe I made on the weekend, and this was the only thing I actually had to make for the burger: but sauce is not hard to make.. saute onions, mushrooms, add flour and then milk, stir...piece of cake!):
Then reheat in the microwave and you there have it: A yummy Bosnian Goodie Burger! Not quite the same as what you get in the restaurant, but maybe even more yummy!

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Anonymous said...

Looks delish.Just seeing the 'Spur' logo made me hungry for STEAK!
Well done.

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