Thursday, November 04, 2010

Book Club at the Orphanage...

We have been going in every other week to run a Book Club for some of the children at the orphanage. (Thanks to Tanja and Sofija who did a great job of running it while I was in England!). I keep forgetting to take my camera, but finally remembered tonight! Each of the children go to the library and choose their own book to read. We then come together and talk about the books with each other: filling out a "form" for each book: who are the main characters? where is it set? what happens? and how much do you like it?

Here is Dijana, being helped by Jovana and Suzana helping David: 
Eliska checking over Simo's form: 
We also have some younger members who love being read to: here is Tanja reading to Danijela:
 And (another) Jovana reading to Dragana:
We also do other activities: such as this week we made a chart of our favourite books to show other children in the home. Each week we have between 6-7 kids and about the same amount of volunteers, so we are usually able to give them one-on-one attention which is really great. Our aim is to give them a love for reading now, which will stand them in good stead in the future!!

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