Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Alpha course

We started the Alpha Course last night. Alpha is a course that was started in the UK and has now been run in over 190 countries throughout the world. For more information on the course you can go here. It is great to be able to hold it here! We had a nice turnout with others saying that they will come next week. We started with a lovely dinner, and then before the talk watch the video "Bear Grylls did Alpha" because, well, people here know who he is too! (And by the by, he is coming to Bosnia to record two episodes of Ultimate Survivor!!)

One of the purposes of Alpha is to create a relaxed atmosphere where we can discover together answers to Life's questions. As part of this: I think that Ljilja did a fantastic job of the decorations, which meant people were already in a relaxed mood when they walked in the door...

The first talk was on "Christianity" and "Who is Jesus?". Below is Sinisa giving the talk: Afterwards we had good discussions over coffee and cake.

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