Saturday, September 25, 2010

Welcome to Elishka/Czech evening/Reunion

A Czech team is here for the weekend. They came with Elishka who has arrived to stay for one year... We decided to have a "reunion" time for all the people we met over the summer as a welcome to the team and Elishka... Below is Elishka (second from left) and another team member (left) and Sandra, Jovana and Suzana whom we met through the Bless team this summer:
We spent time hanging out and catching up or meeting the team/Eliska: and eating Czech cookies/chocolates and enjoying "Kofola" (Czech cola-like drink). First outside: 

Until it started raining, and then some of us moved indoors:

It was lovely to see everyone again, and there wasn't enough time to catch up with everyone :-( It is great that Elishka is here as well, and we all look forward to having her here over the next year!!

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