Tuesday, September 07, 2010

School Supplies for the Orphanage...and BOOK CLUB

We received a donation from the children at a Vacation Bible School (Holiday Club) from First Baptist Church in Copan, Oklahoma for the children at the Children's Home here in Banja Luka. So I asked the Director what the children needed, and being the beginning of the school year, she of course said "school supplies". We added a little bit of money and got enough for each child in one family unit (15 children in all) to receive a complete set of needed school supplies. This way each of them has the same and no one feels left out!
Here are some of the children with their supplies on the day we went to deliver them! (not all the kids who were receiving the packages were there, but they will get them later!) L-R: Stefan, Mario, Nikola, Dajana, Nedeljko and Cvijan
Proof that Dajana can actually smile:
Also, I have started a "Book Club" at the Home for children who are going to the library and reading books - to get them to talk about the books they are reading (and hopefully get more children reading!). There are a lot of new volunteers helping with this project so we are able to be one-on-one with the children involved, which is great! I look forward to seeing these children not only get the attention they so dearly long for, but also helping them learn to read for enjoyment: something that I learnt as a child. Reading has definitely helped me in my life and I know it will help them in theirs...

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