Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Previews for BookSneeze: Andy Andrews

Both of these books deal with Andy Andrew’s idea that every little thing we do matters; we never know the impact that we will have in the end. The butterfly effect is a part of chaos theory and in essence states that when a butterfly flaps their wings on this side of the world, it makes a tornado happen on the other side of the world. The butterfly doesn't cause the tornado per se, but without that flapping of the wings that particular tornado would not have existed in that time and space, so the butterfly was essential in that tornado's formation...

Anyway, enough about theories and on to the books...

In “The Boy Who Changed The World”, he illustrates this effect through the story of Norman Borlaug, who won the Nobel Peace prize in 1970 for creating seeds that were able to withstand harsh conditions and thus increased peace by increasing food supply to poor nations. By going backwards in time and seeing who the people were who stimulated him to create the seeds and who inspired or helped them, the author shows that everything that we do is very important, and even little things matter. Also, we will never know how even a simple little action will lead to bigger things in the future. 

In “The Butterfly Effect” these stories are explained in more detail, and others are interwoven so we truly see how the flapping of the wings of our decisions today can have an influence half-way around the world tomorrow. Through these two books, Andy Andrews is encouraging children and adults alike to believe that what they do has an impact, and to make good use of their talents and influence, because we all have the power to change the world.

I have been encouraged by these books, because sometimes I don't see the effect I am having through what I am doing and so become discouraged. It helps to realise that we will often not know what our influence on others will be and how God will use it to change things in the long run. This helps me to press on!!

Also, I am looking forward to using the book “The Boy Who Changed The World” with the children at the Children’s Home (it will have to be translated as it is read to them!) to encourage them that their lives are also important and show them that they can impact other’s lives even in the little things that they do. I would recommend it for any parents to use with their children. “The Butterfly Effect” is a great gift book for any special occasion, and will be an encouragement to everyone who reads it.

This review was for BookSneeze who sent me a free copy of "The Boy Who Changed the World" and an e-copy of "The Butterfly Effect". For more details on how you can be involved in reviewing books for free, go here.

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