Monday, September 20, 2010

Lesinari - Vultures

One of the "funny" things about Banja Luka is that the fans of the local football/soccer club, Borac, are called  "Lesinari" or "Vultures". The fan club first called themselves that in 1987 (and so they are actually called "Lesinari 1987") and helped Borac win the Yugoslavian title in 1988 (the first second league team to do so!). They have their own website here. One of the things they do is to paint their logo all over town:
It is so noticeable that the new Finnish teacher, Jukka, was asking me what the "birds" painted all over town stood for, and it reminded me that I had taken a few pictures of their artwork from around town, meaning to write a blog about it sometime... well it seems now is the time! 
Here is one that is in Borik: The writing is, of course, in Cyrillic:
Here is another one showing the link between football/soccer and nationalism: the Serbian crest is on the right:
This one is actually in a school and along with painting their logo they painted the name of the school as well (not pictured), so maybe a kind of payoff?
Anyway, there are plenty more, but those are all I have pics of... And not that I am a soccer/football fan at all, but it is interesting to see the extent that the fans go to here to show everyone their devotion!

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