Monday, September 27, 2010

Finnish Family Photos: Finally!!

I keep forgetting to get photos of our new Fida families, but finally I remembered yesterday! Here are the Kaakinens: Rami and Katja Marja and their four girls (in age order, oldest to youngest: Ruut, Rebeka, Klaudia and Elina):
The girls needed a Finnish teacher (the older 3 are going to "Finnish school" as well as attending art, music and gym at the local school) and so Fida sent Jukka Hartikainen and his family: wife, Heidi, and their daughter, Vilma and son, Noa.
Even though they could never replace the Kurrkios and Lea, it is great that Fida, their organisation, sends new people to carry on the work and we are enjoying getting to know them... If you pray, please keep them in yours as they adjust to a new place and learn the language, etc!!

1 comment:

Heidi said...

Oh my goodness, you should have photoshopped the pic a bit... :D Sure we won't - and we shouldn't! - ever even try to replace the Kurkkio's but be what God has meant us to be. :)

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