Monday, September 06, 2010

Croatia and Trebinje...

Viki, the country co-ordinator for Dorcas, organised a seminar for all the Dorcas partners who work with development projects down at the Croatia coast in a little place called Podaca. Even though it was cold and wet in Banja Luka: this photo shows the weather we enjoyed during the 3-day seminar: And we even had time to enjoy the beach, as we were given free time in the afternoons (this is what a seminar is supposed to be like!)
The accommodation was rooms in a "pansion", and for food we had a cook (thanks Tanja!) and each chipped in to clean up: Here is proof that Sinisa and Viki were helpful:
When not busy with the actual seminar part, we were also able to hang out and enjoy each other's company: here are (right to left) Ljilja, myself, Viki and Ceca (who works at Dorcas HQ in Sanski Most with Viki):
And on the last night we had a nice dinner out in nearby Zaostrog: here is my "not the same old sun" sunset picture while we were there:
From there we were only 2 1/2 hours away from Trebinje, Ljilja's home town. It has been 3 years since I visited my other "family" and so we decided to go to Trebinje for the weekend. I didn't get any pictures of Ljilja's mom, dad and sister (sorry!), but needless to say we were spoilt rotten and served with scrumptious meals the whole weekend. It was great to see them and too short a stay, but we had to get back to Banja Luka.

While we were there we did get to see loads of Ljilja's (and now my!) friends. One of them, Maja, has a new baby, Andrea, so we took some arty photos using black and white to see how they came out... not too shabby!

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