Saturday, August 14, 2010

Train trip to Zenica and Visoko...

On Monday, I successfully handed in my visa stuff at the police (yay!) and then Ljilja and I moved Greg (who had been here in Banja Luka for two months) out of his apartment. Ljilja then dropped us off at the station to catch the train to Zenica (Greg was going on to Sarajevo to fly out). I like going by train, but sometimes it is hot and humid and more like a sauna - and that is what it was like this time!

I went to Zenica to spend time with my friend, Tiffany, and help her with baby Evan while her husband, Sladjan, was gone on camp. Here is Evan, who is just 3 1/2 months, but looks MUCH bigger: He is such a good baby, a total cutie pie and completely stole my heart!
 I love this pic of Tiffany and Evan: Who is copying whom? :-)
We spent most of the time just hanging out, the three of us, but we did spend one day in Visoko with the Jocques, where we cooked up a Mexican feast from scratch... Awesome! Here I am looking after Evan while everyone else is busy cooking:  Love that face!
Making Tortillas from scratch - Jocelyn with Nathan's help:
While waiting for them to rise, we had a game (with empty squirt guns) with the boys: Donovan totally got into it, while in the below pic Adrian wasn't so sure...
But then he joined his brother in the "fort"!! Great fun for the boys (all 3!)
Then it was time to carry on with the tortillas: I grilled while Jocelyn and Tiffany (below, with Nathan's help) did the rolling... they were delish!!!!
And of course I didn't get any pics of all of the food when it was done, but take my word for it, it was great!!

I had a fab week just chilling with good friends, and despite even more of a sauna train ride on the way back - I still love travelling by train in this country. It has the element of surprise each time: you usually meet really interesting people, you get surprised as to where you get stuck (to wait for other trains to go past) and you hardly ever get in on time... But for 32KM (R150, $20) for a return ticket from BL to Zenica, it is the best deal going!

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Anonymous said...

Cute pics! Thanks for the heads up to read your blog. Thanks for coming!!! Love and hugs, Tiff

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