Saturday, August 21, 2010

Let's Do Lunch - review for Booksneeze

Roger Troy Wilson's story of how he managed to lose 230 pounds (104kgs) and cured his food cravings after being a compulsive eater, shows others how he did it and gives his tips on how to do it yourself.

It is definitely a book for the American market, and as a South African living in Bosnia Hercegovina, it is very impractical as most of the food substitutions can only be found in America.

As the name suggests, one of his main premises is that you need to eat your main proteins at lunch time and not in the evening. Having lived in Bosnia for almost 10 years, I have adapted to their way of eating, including eating your main meal at lunch! So this is one of the things that I already do and will continue!

Another "secret" which I am able to apply, at least in summertime when fruit is cheap, is to eat fruit - at first in large quantities and then at least some every day: in order to fight craving for sweets. It was also encouraging hearing how he sought help from the Lord to lose weight, and that is another part of the program which I can and will apply!

There are loads of good recipes and even a meal plan, but unfortunately many of the ingredients can once again only be found in the USA. There are one or two which I will be trying out though!

In between selecting the book to review and receiving it in the mail from booksneeze, I found out that part of my weight problems were due to an under-active thyroid and so I also have to follow a diet more catered for thyroid problems: but I will be using some of the ideas and "hints" from this book and will see how it goes!!

More information on "let's do lunch" can be found here.

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Anonymous said...

Are you participating on the message boards on the Lets Do Lunch web site? There is a nurse on the boards named Niki who also has to take thyroid medication and is very knowedgeable on what foods to avoid.

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