Friday, August 27, 2010

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck...

At this time of year everyone who is not on the old communist system of city-wide heat has to get wood cut for their wood-burning stoves. Our neighbourhood is not on the "Toplana" (or heating company)'s grid and so everyone has these lovely piles of wood in various stages of cutting up: 
 They start as logs, delivered in big trucks in square metre batches:
 Then you have to get the guys with the saw to come and cut up the logs into smaller pieces:

Then chop or "cut up" (using another hydraulic machine) the small pieces into bits that can go into the furnace:
Then it is left to dry outside (covering it from the rain when it rains) until it dries enough to be put in a shed or under the balcony or wherever, ready for use in the cold winters that we have here!

To get our house through the winter, my landlady has to have at least 20 square metres of wood (she usually gets it, cuts it and dries it, in two batches of 10m2) and 3 tonnes of coal (yes, coal... urgh, hate the smell, but it is cheap, works well and is widely used... our neighbourhood is VERY smoggy in the wintertime and everything is covered over in soot...) So, if that is just for our house, I guess a Bosnian woodchuck chucks a LOT of wood!

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