Sunday, August 01, 2010

Beatrice Simion

Beatrice Simion, with YWAM Kings' Kids and one of YWAM Romania's leaders, passed away today at 7pm CET from complications after a horrific car accident that occurred on the 24th of July in Timisoara, Romania. She is pictured below with her husband Petrica, who was also injured in the accident, but is home and recovering:

Please pray not only for Petrice, but also for her two sons, Benjamin and Timothy. She is pictured below at Benjamin's wedding last year to Daniella. Both Benjamin and Daniella also serve with YWAM: (Timothy is not pictured)

She will be missed for many reasons, one of which is for her teaching: here she is teaching on Children at Risk at the Equip Workshop in Romania in April:
This is how I will remember her: working hard on 50th Celebration stuff when I was in Romania: she was the running the show in Timisoara and I was working on registration/logistics/finances for the event, so we worked really closely together. She always had a smile on her face and was so positive, even when things were threatening to fall apart: which at times they were! And every time I would approach, she would say "what is it now?", but always with that smile. I know she impacted my life positively through just working together on a conference, so you can imagine how much she has impacted people throughout her ministry and how much she will be missed.
As part of my role in the YWAM Central Communication Team, I have been involved in getting word out to other YWAMers about her condition and getting people to pray, and I really thought that she would pull through, so it has come as a shock that she didn't make it. However, I know that God has a reason for everything that He does, and His ways are so much higher than ours: so I trust that He had a reason for taken her now, but still it is so sad. Thank-you for your prayers for her family at this time.


Heathcote Safari said...

This is so tough, eh? Well done for playing such a key communication role and for mobilizing prayer. I'm sure there are many who will continue to stand with her family as a result. May everyone involved know God's presence in special ways through this time. Hugs and blessings, M. x

Rodica said...

Thank you, Bee!
Beatris was my friend for more then 30 years. We served together in KK for many years. I am grieving and let my soul to be comforted by His Spirit.
Beatris,I will miss you so much!

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