Friday, July 30, 2010

Review for BookSneeze

I recently found out about this great way to get books for free: if you have a blog and like reading, then look into BookSneeze (thanks Taryn for this great recommendation). They send you books for free to review and write about on your blog. This means a lot to me as access to English language books here in Bosnia is very limited and I read a LOT!!

The first book I am going to review is:

Resurrection in May
By Lisa Sampson

This story is about May Seymour after she graduates from University of Kentucky (UK*) and the people and places she encounters on a journey to the depths and the heights of humanity. Not knowing that this book dealt with serious subjects like the conflict in Rwanda and the reality of the death penalty, I walked in expecting a light, fluffy, summer read (especially judging by the cover!). Instead my brain was engaged throughout the book, along with my soul. And my soul was well-fed through this book.

With the word “resurrection” in the title, I knew there would be dark times, and while the author took us into the reality of what darkness means to the world at large, she also showed what it means to the individual as well. Through May’s journey we see what suffering brings out in her and how she finds meaning through it all. She loses so much, but God keeps showing her how much she has in fact gained through her experience and how much she gave to others along the way. 

Living in Bosnia for over 9 years, I have encountered some of the depths of what people can do to one another and I walked away from the book with a deeper understanding of why God allows suffering. Although it is a story and keeps you involved throughout, this is also a book with a message that comes through clearly: God is working through suffering in the world and we all have a part to play in making this world a better place.

I highly recommend this book. And now I have my own copy to lend to people here in Bosnia!!

*funny story about the "UK": I have a friend in Zenica  (near Sarajevo) who is from Kentucky and when I lived there, one of the people working with her short-term was telling me how they were going to UK to study: and of course with no knowledge of the 'other' UK, I assumed he meant England... United Kingdom... oh good lesson in worldview!


Craig, Taryn and our blessings said...

ooh I love your background :) really cool! it's been a while since I've visited your actual site and not just google reader's version :) Glad that you have benefited from Booksneeze :) Very exciting indeed!

Belinda Chaplin said...

It has been a while - I can't remember when I changed the background :-) But I like it too - it is part of blogger's new design schemes... and thanks again for the booksneeze recommendation - enjoying getting books for free :-)

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