Sunday, July 04, 2010

Rafting on the Vrbas river

One of the things that Sina (from Finland) wanted to do while she was here was to go rafting on the Vrbas river. So, Ljilja and I decided to sacrifice and go with her :-). We managed to convince the girls on the American team (Bekah and Nicole) to go with us which gave us enough people to go! We were celebrating 4th of July, my 7 year anniversary of arriving in Banja Luka, Ljilja's upcoming birthday and having Sina with us: and it was a great day!

First we were given wetsuits to put on: Nicole's at least looked like it was for rafting, while mine was definitely more for diving (we went with the Diving Club so not surprising!), but they are very necessary as the river water is COLD!

Then we had to sign our lives away:
Before being driven by kombi 15km upriver, and given helmets, life jackets and paddles:
 Ready to go: Bekah, Ljilja, Sina, me and Nicole:
 Love this pic of Ljilja and Sina:
Getting in is harder than you think!
And off we go... the guide only spoke a little bit of English, so Ljilja and I were doing the translation: including "row!" when we needed to row through the rapids! Made it a bit more exciting :-)
Smile for the camera!!
These are the only photos, as the kombi driver took photos of us with our camera! Didn't want to take the camera down the river...

It was a great ride: with a good mix of fastish rapids, some more exciting than others, and calm waters with loads of wildlife. We did have to get out and walk around a weir at one point (at the Slap in Novoselija) and then carried on before stopping off to spend time at the "toplice" (warm springs) just before getting out at Buk where we started. They charge different prices for locals and foreigners, and I was expecting to pay the "foreign" price: but they ended up charging me for that was nice :-)

And just to finish off the very "manly" day without men, (well, besides the guide!) we then headed to one of our favourite places for lunch: Obelix... LOTS of meat! Me, Bekah, Nicole, Sina and Ljilja:


Anonymous said...


Petra said...

I enjoyed your pictures very much. I'm planning to go rafting on Vrbas myself this June. Can you tell me which rafting center assisted you for this adventure? :)

Thank you!

Belinda Chaplin said...

I am glad you enjoyed the photos.
It was with BUK and they were fantastic - highly recommended.
Enjoy your trip!

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