Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Last Elementary Class

This year we had an end of class test to see if I actually taught them anything! Usually I just give certificates based on their performance in class and how many classes they came to. This time I wanted actual proof... here they are writing the test: aren't I horrible! (and they all brought me presents as bribes - I think they wanted to take them back after they saw the test...)
And then it was time to have a little party for the end of the year!
Bozana, Jasna, Zorica, Tanja V, Tanja C and Jelena
  And then we handed out the certificates: Here I am with some of the graduates:
Tanja C

 Tanja V got a special prize for attending ALL the classes
I also gave everyone a special CD-ROM ESL Course which is called "The HOPE". It is based on the story of the Bible and has a LOT of really good material for learning English... We are not planning on having classes until next year again, so it will give them something to do in the meantime!

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