Saturday, July 31, 2010

Final Beginners Class

So, the last class for this year's beginners' group was last night. We started with a test (this is just so that we can see if they learnt anything... the diplomas are for performance in the class) and none of them are looking forward to the results. I still have to mark them, so we will see how they do!

Then it was time for the party...any excuse for a party!
And the diplomas:
Gorana also got a special prize for only missing one class!


All of us with our diplomas...
I really enjoyed this group and they worked hard during the year: One week I gave them the task to learn how to spell their names in English and they all did it really well! I almost cried...ok I know, but I was just so proud of them! It is really hard for it to come to an end, but we will stay in contact and next year many will come along to my higher level classes!

Two of the ladies, Gorana and Nevenka who were the most regular (Gorana only missed once and Nevenka twice) travelled 40km to class each week, so no pressure on me to actually teach them something... it is humbling when I realise that many people here don't have the opportunity to learn English (even at a basic level) and many really want to learn - it really says it all when they are travelling 40km (each way!) to come to classes each week!

Once again, I gave everyone a special CD-ROM ESL Course which is called "The HOPE". It is based on the story of the Bible and has a LOT of really good material for learning English...  It is a really good resource and I hope they enjoy using it for themselves and their children!

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