Friday, July 09, 2010

Children's Workshop

Today we held a Children's Workshop with some of the kids from our projects with the American team and one student volunteer, Vladan (we had hoped for more volunteers, but no one else could come!).  We started off with drawing - while we were waiting for everyone to arrive:

Bojan and Snjeza enjoying the drawing
Cute little Sergej
Then it was time to start the real activities: First Bekah shared with us the story of the "Greatest Gift of All": Here is Bekah starting to explain, with Vladan doing a fantastic job of translating - after getting roped in at the last minute.

First you have to open it up: 
to see that it is a CROSS
Then, using balloons: Bekah made a flower using the same colours:

And while she was doing that, we were working around our tables, using beads of the same colours to make bracelets, explaining the meaning of the colours...
Ljilja and Snjeza

Helping little Katja

Once we had finished the story and the bracelets, it was time for some fun and games outside:
Simon says "touch your knees"
Nicole leading "Red light, Green Light"
After these and a few more games, it was time for BALLOON ANIMALS!! Bekah did a great job!
 Blowing up more balloons: Bekah and Ljilja...
 Moms happy to sit and enjoy the atmosphere while their kids play!
 Bekah and Ljilja with the dads and their (kids') balloons:
 Nicole and Ljilja with moms Jelena and Aida and Milan and Katja:
And the balloon-animal making continued: Bekah even taking the time to teach one of the girls how to do it herself: (love this pic of David!)
Here are Ljilja, David and I and the team with all the kids with their balloons:
Before they left, each of the kids were giving a package with lots of goodies inside... I think everyone had a really great time!

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Anonymous said...

It was really fun and everyone were so happy and smiling!!But the best part was the story of the "Greatest Gift of all"
Bojan really enjoyed in the story!!
Once again,thank you all!
Big kiss from Tanja,Bojan i Snježa!

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