Monday, July 19, 2010

Bless Team:English/Dutch Cultural Evening

The Bless team arrived on Saturday to spend the week with us here in Banja Luka. They are a group of 9 from Holland and England, led by Iris and Justin who were here two years ago. It is great having them back again - it really seems like yesterday that they were around! This morning we tried to go to the orphanage, but through some miscommunication (my bad for not confirming, although I did try!), they were not able to have us and so we had to change plans - it is a good thing that we are pretty flexible!!

Tonight we had a "Cultural night": A mixture of pub quiz, (which my team lost by 1/2 a point - it was rigged!) games and good food, made for a great evening:
This is a very interesting game where you have to pick a slowly diminishing box up with your mouth with only your feet on the ground - I had never seen this one before!
Tanja getting into it

Aleksandar showing how it's done

And Zoe getting just the lid!

Then it was time for "Chubby Bunny"!! I haven't played this since high school... putting marshmallows in your mouth and seeing if you can put the most... I got up to 7!
Stuff it in there
"Chubby Bunny"

Below is all of us who were trying. Milan (left) won by putting in 11!
I didn't get any pictures of the food which came afterwards - including English scones, fairy cakes and muffins, Dutch stroopwafels and chicken with satay  (peanut) sauce! The people enjoyed themselves so much we will be doing it again tomorrow night!!

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Anonymous said...

It was very fun. I am glad that we are all a little bit flexible, and game with box, it was very interesting. I know that we will enjoy all together these few days and the team is really great.
Big kiss from Tanja :)

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