Friday, July 23, 2010

Bless Team: last day...

Today the Bless team left, sniff sniff :-( They had a great last day yesterday: In the morning we held another Kid's Club:
start with the parachute
and when all the kids show up use it to sit on...
to enjoy a story acted out from the Bible

the team with all the children and their decorated crafts
Ana the mouse
Zorros Marko and Lara: too cute!

In the evening the team and some of the people they have met this week went out together to enjoy cevapi at the restautant "Kod Muje":
Sandra, Joe, Gemma, Zoe, Suzana and Jovana
Iris, Justin, Lucy, Hannah, Max, Georgina, Jovana and Dajana
It has been a great week with this team, and even though things didn't work out as we thought, we managed to make new plans and possibly had a better week than we had originally planned...

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