Saturday, July 03, 2010

Balkan Dressage league in Banja Luka

The first big equestrian competition to be held here in Banja Luka is taking place this weekend. The second round of the Balkan dressage league:
We decided to go and check it out - we being Sina (visiting us from Finland!), Ljilja and Sofija (pictured below in the stands/cafe) and myself:
 Here are Sina and Ljilja with the stands and some of the parade ground behind them:
 Here are some of the riders strutting their stuff: in the ring
Or whilst practicing:
Another highlight while we were there were the carriages who suddenly appeared (if we had known, we would have tried to hitch a ride on one of them!). There were at least 20, here are just a few:
Another fun thing was they had some carnival type stalls, and one of them was a shoot for a prize kind of thing: Ljilja HAD to have a go, and so Sina and I joined her, but none of us managed to win anything. But it was still fun trying!!
I was very impressed with the organisation of not only the event, but also the attention to detail: setting up parking, food and other stalls, etc. And even though we couldn't stay the whole time, it was a really fun experience!!

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