Thursday, July 01, 2010


 David, my Czech colleague, is hosting a group of 4 InterVarsity students from California for a month. They came to primarily teach English and to go to the Student camp at the end of July. Before they arrived we organised testing to place the students into the two groups (intermediate and advanced):
Greg is here (also with InterVarsity) for two months and arrived before the team. He helped with the testing and the setting up for the team. Here he is at Mercator Centre (which is a small shopping mall in Banja Luka), where we did the big shop for the team before the team arrived: He said he felt like he was back in America! Not what he expected to see in Bosnia :-)
Now the classes have begun and take place every day (during the week) at the Faculty of "Philology" (that was a new word for me to - it means the study of linguistics), where we have rented two classrooms for the month. I am only helping with the advanced class on Monday, Thursday and Friday as I still have my beginner and elementary classes on Tuesdays and Wednesdays...

Here is a great shot of all the intermediate students working really hard... or at least that is what I thought, until I saw they were drawing pictures :-)
And this is the advanced class, really working hard, except for Mladen :-)
The team (and the advanced class) is led by Bekah, who is doing a great job!
Too serious

much better!
They are in Banja Luka for two more weeks, and it is great to have them here!

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