Friday, July 02, 2010

American Team and local volunteers to the Children's Home

We went this morning to play with the kids at the Orphanage. There aren't many kids left there as some have gone to Italy, others to the seaside and others actually go to someone in their family over the summer. We asked the English students to come along with us, and there were 7 of them, plus 4 Americans, David and I, so we almost outnumbered the kids! (which is actually a good thing, believe me!!)

We first played soccer and Frisbee (boys mostly) and with balloons and balloon animals (thanks to Bekah!), before heading inside out of the heat to do some drawing (which they LOVE!). Here are Mladen, Dijana and Mladenka showing off their balloons:
Maja with Dasha, Tanja and Mira enjoying the drawing, and with this many volunteers, they were quietest we have EVER had them, it was great :-)
Stefan (left) and Nicole (from the US) managed to communicate really well despite the language barrier:
Enjoying the drawing (with "dying" balloon animals on the table!):
And Neven and David didn't want to be left out of the fun:
To end off: Aleksandar (one of the students) and Mladenka fooling around:
great photo!

Having fun...

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