Friday, June 25, 2010

The week that was...Bosnia floods... and Oak Hall visit...

With the heavy rains this past week, we have seen the worst flooding in living memory in quite a large part of Northern Bosnia (below left pic from banjalukalive). Here in Banja Luka we have seen roads give way (below right) and the main route to Celinac (the next town to the Southeast) was completely flooded, cutting them off completely. Also Derventa (a town in North Eastern Bosnia) was completely cut off from the outside for two days, which caused huge problems for transport as many of the bus routes go through there. Now it is slowly but surely getting back to "normal".

However, here in Bosnia floods cause a unique problem not found anywhere else in the world: the minefields that haven't been cleared are washed away, meaning they don't have any idea - as if they really did before - where the mines are. See this article on news24 Scary stuff!

While this rain was going on, Andy Mayo (below left with Sinisa) and our friends from Oak Hall, England arrived to spend a couple of nights with us on their way to Serbia. All 80 of them!! They had to put their tents up in the rain, but luckily it cleared up enough for them to spend the day enjoying the sights of the city before enjoying some of the World Cup Soccer fever (some of them even got into the swing of things by donning Serbian Colours: but it didn't help, we were still knocked out!)
I didn't get any pics of them while they were here, but here are some off the blog of their trip: Here in Banja Luka:

And all of them on their stop off in Zagreb on their 36 hour marathon double-decker bus drive to Banja Luka!
It was great having them here, even if it was a really short visit. We enjoy meeting new people (and seeing old friends) and Andy always brings me more (good ol' English) tea to feed my habit :-)

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Andy Mayo said...

We really enjoyed catching up with you Bee! Thank you for your welcome in Banja Luka...

We've now reached Nis where the rain is still falling!

"Hi' from us all!

- Andy

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