Thursday, June 17, 2010

Holiday in Hvar...

We had to drive Lea to Split so she could fly back to Finland (much cheaper flights from there) and so a plan formed... as Split is already a 4-5 hour drive away, we could carry on to Hvar (another 2-3 hours) and have a nice holiday (Americans: vacation) with our friend, Natalija, in Stari Grad. Ljilja and I convinced Dragana to come along (not that she needed much persuasion) and I must admit that I am glad we got a nice break in before the craziness of summer begins. Here are the pics (with story) so you can see how God really blessed us with great weather and a wonderful time:

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On the way there and back, I drove the part along the Croatian coast as the fines in Croatia are worse than in Bosnia, and I tend to be able to keep to the speed limit better than Ljilja :-) On the way there I got stopped just by a regular patrol (I was going the right speed!) However, on the way back, I was doing so well at keeping to the speed limits (they change every 500m so it is pretty stupid) until one point when of course I didn't for like 30seconds... and that was where the police were!!! I was caught going 73kmph in a 50 zone (so for the Americans going 43mph in a 31 zone!) and I thought this is it: all the money saved on going the long way around will now go into paying the fine... but I hadn't reckoned on Ljilja's powers of persuasion...

I mean, I keep getting fined and she has yet to pay ANY fine. She gets stopped a LOT, like 4-5 times a year... and she gets out of the fines every single time... she is unbelievable. She got out of the car with me and asked if she could come with me (as of course I am a foreigner and don't know how to speak)... She batted her eyelids and told them how I stuck to the limits and really tried to obey the law and yet every time I would be the one who was caught and always got fined.

The fine was 500Kuna (85$/R650) and we didn't have it in any currency. So they said "what are we going to do now": and Ljilja says "well either we can go into town and get it out of the bank or, well, you can simply let us go."  They weakened: "do you have at least 300Kuna (50$/R390) for the minimum fine?" and Ljilja said "no we don't, all we have are credit cards. We don't have any money because we were a week on Hvar and spent it all already in your lovely country." The one looks at the other and says "so what are we going to do?". Now we know we have them: Ljilja's smile and batting eyelids are doing the trick... so, when they say "ok, you look honest and nice, we will just let you go" we aren't that surprised... Ljilja's luck with police finally works for me too! (and we gave them a chocolate as a thank-you before driving off happily into the sunset...)


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it! pictures are great, especially those picture of the old town on your profile!Looks like drawn!
It was nice, but now you come back to reality :)))
Welcome back,lol ♥
btw-Now you have time to next summer to learn how to sweet and naive blink with eyelids!!!

Anonymous said...

this anonymous above is me-Tanja,lol
big kiss and hug :)))

Anonymous said...

So you had another encounter with the Croatian police.... As I was reading the story I was going "I can't believe this" but then as it finished I actually thought that, well, I can believe it. Let's wee what happens when I get there... I really look forward to it. Anyway, I'm glad you had a great time in Hvar, and the pictures look amazing. Love, Sina

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