Saturday, June 19, 2010

BEST Business Training in Banja Luka for Dorcas Part Two

We came back from Hvar so that on Thursday and Friday, I could finish off the Business training for our Dorcas project before teams start arriving next week. Tanja, one of our previous project families, who has finished 2 years of higher education in economics has been training (and helping out a LOT) with me in how to run this course. We are probably going to be running more courses like this in the future, so I wanted to increase our capacity (which is the point of this training: easily multiplied!)

So, on Friday I let her loose on the group and had her lead most of the training. She did a great job!!
 Love this pic!
One aspect of the business simulation that I love is the interaction people have with each other: Here in the team, while they are deciding (with Tanja's help) how many products to resell at what prices:
The interaction doesn't only happen within their teams but also between the teams: Here two teams are negotiating about price and quantity of products that they will buy/sell to each other: Sometimes these negotiations become quite heated!!!
 And then it was time for the training to end :-( One of the people summed up what all of us were thinking: "no, this can't be it, we need to get together and hang out some more..."
In between the second and third sessions, each had to do something with a 10KM ($6/R48) loan (with 1KM interest) to make as much money as possible. Most made between 20-50KM in the 2 weeks without much effort. 3 made over 150KM and the winner of the "prize" of all the 1KM "interests" from everyone was Bosko, who made 331KM reselling door frame mouldings. Here he is getting his certificate from Tanja and I:
 Zeljena and Mile (husband and wife) proudly showing off their certificates:
Those that completed the training not only received certificates, but also a business plan form, which they have until September to fill out (with a little help from me if needed) and the top 3 plans will get interest-free loans of 5000KM towards starting their business...

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Anonymous said...

Business training was very interesting! Especially for me! I think we all together do a good job. I can't wait for the next training!
Kiss from Tanja :)))

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