Monday, May 24, 2010

Goodbye to the Kurkkios and Lea...

As my Finnish colleagues are leaving in the next couple of weeks, we decided to have a special service and braai (barbecue) for them this Sunday. It was a bittersweet time for me during the service: we had a great time of worship, but it was a bit tainted with the knowledge that this was probably the last time we would be playing together... Here we are: Mirjam singing and Miika playing the piano:
At the end of the service, we spent some time praying for them and it was really special...

And then it was time also to celebrate something else that happened yesterday: I made a special little cake with a candle so we could celebrate with Dragana, as it was also her birthday.
She thought we had forgotten and so she was surprised and so happy that we remembered and even though it was a tiny little cake, she was very touched! Here she is while we were singing to her and about to blow out the candle :-)
Then it was time to braai/barbecue/rostilj. I love this photo of Sinisa!
And the salad making girls try not to cry from the onions:
Lea giving some words of advice - which he didn't need! He did a great job cooking enough meat for almost 50 people!
And me with Irena who came to visit from Zagreb for the weekend. (and yes we are totally pretending to be talking naturally as David hates shots of people looking at the camera!)
And lastly, Miika showing Dragan his present from David: a specially made 6-pack of 6 different kinds of energy drinks. As he is going to be driving with all their stuff back to Finland he is going to need them as it is a LONG trip! (and Miika always drinks these energy drinks when he is driving somewhere!)
We look forward to the arrival of the Kaakinens who are coming in August to carry on with the projects that Miika and Mirjam started... But we will miss them, their 4 girls and Lea a LOT!!! As Ljilja put it on her facebook status "What a lovely party we had today. It would be even better if we didn't need to say goodbye to the Kurkkio family and Lea!!!"

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