Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Czech night

David has been doing a wonderful job of hosting a team of 10 people from a church in Prague who came for 5 days to be with us here in Banja Luka. To end off their time, they had a Czech night (instead of our normal English Club). Here are Jana and David setting out some of the food. One thing I know about Czech people is that food is very important to them: they served us not only this spread, but also goulash, potato pancakes and some sort of fried (and yummy) bread. They really did a great job on the food!
 Here are 9 of the 10 team members: Marushka is in the middle introducing herself. She came a couple of months ago to visit as well and I will remember her by the fact that she learnt to say "lijepa si" (you are pretty) and used it a lot! So cute!
The team not only presented Czech culture in a very funny and engaging way:
 They also shared some songs with us, even singing one in Serbian:
And they also told us about some what they believe: with David doing a great job of translating from Czech to Serbian:
Here is a pic of the crowd that came along: People from English Club, table tennis, floorball, and from the team inviting them to come during the 4 days they have been here:

I didn't get a picture of the quiz that was held at the end (which Noomi, Miika's daughter won after guessing correctly the four countries that surround the Czech Republic). And I didn't get a picture of the "hanging out" that happened afterwards along with all that fooooood!! Judging by the fact that people stayed a long time after the "official" program finished to hang out and eat, I think it was a successful event! 


Shilo said...

I took your advice and put up a new template. It is much more "me" than what I had before. Thanks for the nudge in the right direction! :)
Big hugs to the busy little Bee! :)

Anonymous said...

Czech night was really successful!
Guys from Prague are really great! They are so friendly and smiling and I can't wait to see them again!
kiss from Tanja!!
btw I have a pictures of the quiz and I'll send them to you!!

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