Saturday, May 15, 2010

BEST Business Training in Sanski Most part two

So, this weekend I went back to finish the BEST training that I started in April in Sanski Most (about an hour and a half away from Banja Luka). In the time in between, they each had to work with a loan of 10KM (about R50/$6) and see how much they could make. One lady sold sandwiches at the school, another invested in chickens that will lay eggs, another in supplies for beekeepers: so some interesting ideas. The person who made the most money resold second hand clothes (buying in town and selling in her village) and made 250KM (about R1250/$160). She got all the 1KM "interest" that people had to repay as her prize.

What did we learn at the seminar? Well, through the simulation game there is so much that can be learnt: Below I am teaching them the basics of marketing: Price, Product, Place and Promotion and how they impact on demand - in a way that they grasp the fundamentals in 3 minutes!
Other lessons include: the importance of good record-keeping:
Product diversity and pricing: Making wise choices as to how many products to buy for what price:
 Actual production (we make "hats"):
 And Quality control: Halid is testing the product he is buying from another group:
And all the while we have so much fun while playing the simulation game that people don't even realise how much they are learning... and yet they are! I really enjoy using this training as I see that people "get it" and learn a lot of good stuff, in a fun way, in a relatively short space of time!


Anne said...

Thank you Belinda for doing this seminar with us, I am curious how they will continue with it! I will keep you updated :-)

alan said...

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