Saturday, May 29, 2010

BEST Business Training in Banja Luka for Dorcas

On Thursday and Friday evening, as part of the Dorcas project, we ran the first two parts of the BEST training in Banja Luka: Here is the group "ORAH":
 The "muski" (male) team Kukurus: 
 And the "Sampiticas" trying to figure something out... 
 So what is my role in the simulation? First I have to explain it to them:
 And facilitate correct bookkeeping procedures:
 And sum up at the end: 
I also explain different economic concepts. Here I am on Friday, explaining "supply and demand":
This chart is also used in the game to determine prices for reselling, thus letting the lesson sink in deeper during the simulation:
I act as bank, seller of raw materials, buyer of finished products, etc... but my main role is to let them learn through doing: facilitating them to think through things, showing them the way to go - and even letting them make mistakes at times so they can learn through them...
And to give you an idea of what people can learn here are some of what people learnt at my last seminar: from the evaluations of the Sanski Most training:

I had a good time at the seminar and it was a pleasure to work with my group. The teachings were very clear and it wasn't hard to understand. We learned a lot on sales, calculations and savings. This seminar gave me the motivation to try and make some money. -H.A.

It was useful to learn that at every given moment, I need to plan and arrange my finances. And also that I need to know how much I paid for product and what is the minimum selling price for that product. I need to be ready for unplanned situations and I need to keep a strict record of my finances. -A.H.

I learned at the seminar some basic things on how to start up a business. Most important is that I learned how to invest money and how to get good results - so I wouldn't end up bankrupt. This seminar was very helpful and I really liked it, because I learned how I could earn a living - H.M.

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Anonymous said...

Seminar was interesting and informative!
Really has given people the motivation! I can't wait for the next hour to see how they do this practical part!
Teams have a great teacher and they really isn't hard to go through training!
Kiss from Tanja!

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