Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Banja Luka from the air...

I just found these great photos from http://www.studiohrg.hr/ You can see more here (sorry for the watermarks!)

This is the newly rebuilt Orthodox church downtown. It was destroyed in the Second World War and then another church was built elsewhere and this area was left as a memorial to those who died in the war. Then in the last (1992-1995) war, they started to rebuild it, and it was completed last year.
Here are the new Government (of Republic of Srpska) buildings, including the buildings of the RTRS (Radio and Television of the Republic of Srpska):
And the British people who came to visit were saying that we don't have "roundabouts" here, so I just had to drive them round the two that we have! So now they can say that they have been round a 'roundabout' in Bosnia! The below one has only been open 10 days, so this photo is very recent!

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