Monday, April 05, 2010

Happy Easter!!

I can't believe that Easter has come and gone... I really enjoy being able to think about the real reason for the holiday: the amazing truth that Jesus came and died and not only that rose again blows me away every year: we need to think about this not just at this time of year, but all the time!

For Easter here the tradition is to colour eggs using natural colours (onion skins) and wax, or some not so natural colouring and stickers...

Now, because I forgot to take photos of my eggs, I have used (with permission) some pictures from the egg colouring that my friend Tanja and her kids did. Here are all the props (including the two wooden eggs - more about them later)And the finished products: The brown ones with designs are the ones that are made from the onions and wax:
So what does one do with all these eggs? You compete to see whose egg is the hardest by hitting one onto another: and the person whose egg doesn't crack gets to keep the one which does...

Here I am competing with Tanja's kids: Bojan and Snjezana:
Now, about those wooden eggs: I was invited to lunch at Tanja and Damjan's and I took the eggs that I had made over to "compete" with Bojan and Snjeza. Now, I thought I was just having bad luck, but they were cheating with the wooden eggs!!!!

Here I am before they told me, just thinking it was my "weak" eggs:
But the looks on their faces when they told me made up for it!! They are too cute!
It has been a lovely Easter: hanging with friends and family (via Skype!) and just reflecting on what it is all about:
The tomb is empty, He is Risen: Hristos Vaskrse!!!

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Anonymous said...

Believe my dear,that Easter has come and gone!!!
This is really beautiful holiday!
It was really fun for my children but for us too !!!!!
We joked with you, but Damian is blame for that!
Big kiss for you from Tanja and my trailers! LoL

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