Thursday, April 22, 2010

Equip workshop Timisoara, Romania

I arrived in Timisoara, Romania on Thursday the 8th of April to help set up for the Equip Workshop there. And more importantly to setup for the Central European YWAM 50th Celebrations that took place there this past weekend (more on that in another blog!). At Equip we had about 80 people from all over the region and the world.

The Equip started on Sunday 11th of April: Here is a pic of the main hall with one of the speakers, Al Akimoff (and his Romanian translator):

Besides the main sessions, we also broke up into smaller groups during the day to do different topics. Rebecca, Rodney and I ran a 6-hour workshop on communications. We started off with a game called "noise" and we made so much of it that the other workshops nearby had to take a break while we were doing it :-). Here is a great pic of Doug being the noise in the middle (he is jumping up and down, not over the chairs!). The aim is for one group to send the message, another to try and receive it and the third to be the "noise" in the middle and distract them. It was great fun, but also got the message across that communication is hampered by a lot of noise and distractions!!

Here I am teaching on 3D communications:

Our workshop was definitely one of the more fun workshops, and more importantly people came away with skills they can use and a different outlook on communications!

A surprise at the Equip is the fact that Grace from Korea loooooves Marmite! (and I was gracious enough to share mine with her) Here she is eating it with (yuck) kiwi fruit!
Ok, more later on the 50th...

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