Friday, April 23, 2010

Easter at the Orphanage!

Yes, it is a little late, but when we went in the Easter week they had forgotten we were coming and sent all the kids on an outing! We told them to hand out the Easter parcels we had prepared and said we would come back when I got back from Romania to do the presentation and workshop... so we went last night.

Lea did a fantastic job of going through the Easter story using the colours from the "wordless book". First we had to open the gift box: Here are Mladen and Dragana helping Lea and Ivana open it up:
 To reveal: that the cross is the greatest gift of all:
 Then using pictures, Lea continued to explain the Easter story (and Ivana did a great job translating!)
While Lea was explaining we were making bracelets using beads with the colours from the story: See Teta Duska (one of the teachers) helping us out in the foreground:

 And Tanja with Dejana, Dijana (behind), Jelena, Ceca and Dragana in the front:

 And each child ended up with a bracelet that reminds them of the Easter story: black for sin, red for God's love, white for pure heart, yellow for the hope of heaven, green for new life in Jesus and the blue band for the Holy Spirit:

And of course at the end we handed out sweeties because they had been so good! The kids had a great time and so did we!!

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Anonymous said...

It was really nice.
Lea's play has been instructive and interesting for us adults,too.
And most important thing, children are listened to, and participate (what is the name of a boy who answered the questions? Cvijan, right?)
I'm glad that the children enjoyed.

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