Thursday, March 25, 2010


Some of the things I did today:
-I worked on the registrations for our upcoming YWAM conference in Romania: (this is part of my responsibility with YWAM Central European Communications)

-We (Ljilja, Sinisa and I) had a (LONG) meeting with Tanja from Dorcas Aid Head Office (in Sanski Most) to discuss our finances for our various projects through them.

-I organised for our Easter packages to get to the Children's Home for our distribution for Easter as they were in our main meeting room, and we need the space for meetings on Saturday.

-We (Ljilja and I) went to Celinac (the next town over) to be there when "Suncocret"(Sunflower), an organisation who helps refugees, had a distribution of clothes we had donated to them and handed out our Easter packages to their kids. (see photos below!!!)

-I had my fringe (bangs for Americans!) cut by my lovely hairdresser as she works on the way back from Celinac

-I did manage to have a little rest at 6pm - I was supposed to be having English with one student who has missed a few classes to catch her up, but she cancelled... :-)

-We (Ljilja and I) cleaned the house as we have guests coming this weekend and frankly it needed it!

- At 8pm I took a break from cleaning and had a skype meeting with Justin and Iris from Holland (who were here two years ago with a team from YWAM) about a team they want to bring this summer with another organisation. Lovely to "see" them again...

Here are the photos from Celinac as promised:
The kids getting their packages (made by David and his team last week) and some soft toys from Holland. And where there are kids, Ljilja is sure to be:

Clothing distribution:

Some of the people who were there: The woman in white in the middle is the chairperson of the organisation, Ziada, and does a LOT to enable this all to happen:
I didn't mention that (of course) being Bosnia, Ljilja and I were not allowed to go without having something to eat (Zaida had made homemade pita (Bosnian pie)!!). And despite the fact that we had already had lunch with Tanja and Sinisa at the office, we managed to get some of it in there... and boy was it good.

So, I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into my life through all that I did today... me, I am ready for bed!

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Anonymous said...

Oh dear! You were really worth today! But you are our bee!!! I'm sure you're at the end of this busy day still smiling!
Nice sleep and relax and tomorrow in the new victory!!!
Kiss from Tanja!!!

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