Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ladie's night: Tin necklaces

To be honest, when my Finnish colleague, Lea, invited us ladies over to make tin necklaces, I thought "ya right, I will never get it right", but actually it isn't as difficult as all that... if you listen to Lea and "keep it simple".

Here are Ljilja and Dragana making their moulds out of plaster:
Then you melt the tin in a special spoon:
And pour it into the mould (this is my "star")
Below are Lea and my necklaces:
And Cindi's heart:
Mix the necklace making with loads of Lea's good baking/cooking (quiche, cookies and strawberry CHEESECAKE!) and some great company and you have a really great Saturday night! Left to right: Lea, Ljilja, me, Dragana, Amber, Cindi and Alicia:
Thank-you Lea for a great time!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

So glad you girls had a great time!!
Tin necklaces are great,especally your Belinda :)))
And I want one tin necklace, too:(
You must teach me how to make that!!
Big kiss from Tanja!!

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