Saturday, March 27, 2010

Krajina meeting

Banja Luka is part of a region of Bosnia Hercegovina called "Bosanska Krajina" ("Bosnian borderland") which is made up of Banja Luka and anything to the northwest and west to the border with Croatia. The leaders of the Protestant/Evangelical churches in the region meet up regularly to support one another in the different cities where there are congregations. Today it was our turn to host the others...

There were quite a few people who weren't able to come, but it was still a nice representation. We spent time sharing our stories, and a lot of time laughing! The main reason we came together was to also encourage and pray for one another and this region of Bosnia: the Krajina. And what is great is that churches in this region are in both the Republic of Srpska and in the Federation, and so these meetings are bringing churches together from the divided entities and because we serve the same God, we don't even feel that there is a difference!

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Anonymous said...

Of course people from the Federation or Serbian Republic aren't different! We have a lot of common things and the most important is our love of God!
Just never forget that !
God is one and his love for us is unconditional and unlimited!
I want a lot of God's blessings to all!!!
Kiss from Tanja :)

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