Wednesday, March 24, 2010

English Classes 2010

My 2010 beginners' English Classes began already 3 weeks ago, but I keep forgetting to take the camera, and this week I finally remembered! I have a really nice bunch of students in two groups: real beginners (who don't know anything, or very little) and elementary (who know more or have been through my real beginners group in previous years). We have people from this year's projects as well as people from previous years or friends of theirs and I have a full quota of students, as word has got out!

Working hard: Beginners:


Here is the whole Beginners' class:
And the second-level: Biljana and Jasna from last year's beginners' group getting a little help from me:
Jelena, Aldeida and Zorica, all teachers (no pressure on me!!)
And me with Tanja, Bozana and Tanja:
It is a great to be able to teach people in this way: and see them actually learning! Two ladies are even coming 40km to class as they really see they value of having English language knowledge: man, what a privilege it is to teach people with that kind of motivation to learn! But as I tell my classes, I can be the best language teacher in the world and be using the best books, but if they don't have the motivation to learn and put the work in, I can't teach them anything!

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Anonymous said...

I'm just kidding!
You're a wonderful teacher, always smiling, and with your help in a relaxed atmosphere, we are able to learn a foreign language!
I know that!I am a veteran in your classes.
Big kiss from Tanja,one of your favorite student.

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